Costume capes for adults and kids

Some outfits will never be complete without a costume cape. Can you imagine a vampire costume without a black cape or Little Red Riding Hood without her red cape? We can't either. Capes are the most important part of a lot of costumes and that's why we have a wide selection of capes for you to design the perfect look for your favourite character. You can dream about saving Gotham one more time from the grasp of the maniac Joker with your Batman cape, make bunny rabbits disappear from your top hat with a red and black magician's cape, turn into a Wall Guard with a black cape with fur or be the King of the North with a glossy medieval cape. You will find loads of capes in our online shop, for kids' costumes as well as costumes for adults: medieval ones, superheroes, magicians or story characters. Choose between a big variety of colours and textures; cotton, velvet, shiny everywhere or with a hood. There are so many possibilities that you can combine with other costume accessories that we have for you to look at. There are many possibilities and we will help you to find the best cape for your costume.
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