1980s Costumes: Pop Star Costumes

If the ’70s were too much on disco side of things, and the ’90s were just too modern for you…then the ’80s is your decade! With these 1980s costumes, you can have fun traveling back in time to those fun years and dance to Michael Jackson, Madonna or Cindy Lauper. Shoulder pads and fishnet stockings are all the rage. Add a backcombed hairstyle, some neon colored t-shirts and a pair of leg warmers, and you’ll be ready to show younger generations which decade had the most fun! The totally awesome ’80s are back, so don’t miss out on the chance to organize an incredible eighties party. Choose your favorite look: pop diva, long-haired rock singer or gymnast with heels and warmers. Add splashes of color and fun to any party with these 1980s costumes. See you later, alligator!

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