Superhero Birthday Decorations

If your kids dream about becoming a superhero, or defending Earth with their friends as part of the Avengers. If they like cars as much as Batman does... Then you need to surprise them with the best superhero birthday ever! We’ve got everything you need for the perfect party: garlands, piñatas, balloons, candles, plates, cups, tablecloths... All starring the best Marvel and DC Comics superheroes. Your superhero party will be a big hit with these decorations. Choose decorations with a mix of superheroes, or decorations with the most famous superheroes, like The Avengers, Justice League or the DC Comics Superhero Girls. Or you could host a party themed around one superhero in particular, like Spiderman, Batman or Superman. And if you want to give them the ultimate surprise, just add the perfect gift: a superhero costume!


Stationery & Gift Wrap


Garlands & Hanging decoration

Baking Supplies

Photo Booth Props & Supplies