Clown and circus costumes

Ladies and gentleman, come and have a look at the best clown and circus costumes! The circus has arrived in the city and the best circus costumes have just made an appearance at Funidelia! All of the star costumes are available in our online catalogue: tamers, jugglers, trapeze artists and of course, clown costumes. You'll never be missing a laugh, the show must go on! That is why we have a wide selection of clown costumes for kids and adults, full of fun and illusion, ideal for you to get dressed up for the Carnival or for Halloween in the most terrifying way with killer clown costumes like a Pennywise costume, the clown from the movie IT. Adding a clown mask to any costume (like an Opposuit) can make you look funny and terrifying at the same time. Make-up is important because clowns usually have white faces and a big red smile. Do you remember the Joker's face? The most famous clown in the comic world. Our tamer and circus presenter costumes are perfect for you to have a great time with family or friends, as you will all be able to create a unique and once-in-a-lifetime circus spectacle. The Greatest Show! Besides your circus costume, you must get hold of the perfect accessories: a clown nose and wig, a tamer's whip or a magician's top hat.
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