Disney Princess Costumes for Women and Girls

Live your very own fairytale with these Disney Princess costumes. These magical costumes for girls and women will make your dream come true, because you’re never too old to dream! Become the princess you’ve always wanted to be with the help of these magical Disney costumes. We have the whole range, from the eternal classics to the most modern. If you love animals and singing, and have friends who want to join in the fun, consider our Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs costumes. If you’ve been told you’re beautiful inside and out, and love a good book, our Beauty and Beast costume is the perfect Disney Princess costume for you. Our Rapunzel costume will give you those long tresses you’ve always wanted, and Vaiana’s costume is perfect for free-spirited and adventurous girls. And, if the sea is your second home, Ariel's costume is the costume for you. If you love snowmen and all things winter, then show up at the next costume party in a Frozen costume, as Elsa or Anna. But if your true specialty is sleeping in, try our Aurora or Sleeping Beauty costume, or unleash the villain in you with our Maleficent costume if you’ve been a little naughty. Now, all you have to do is choose your size and your girls’ or women’s Disney Princess costume will be on its way. Don’t forget to add some essential accessories to finish off your look, because what would Cinderella do without her glass slippers? If you have a little girl who’s crazy about the Princess world, help her host her own themed party or Disney Princess birthday: find plates, napkins, cups, garlands, piñatas and many more Princess party decorations. All the Disney Princesses are waiting for you at Funidelia, so you can take the lead role and make their stories come to life again.

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