Roman costumes for men, women and kids

Ave, Caesar! Those who are getting dressed up salute you! And they are all very elegant looking, dressed up in Roman costumes that you can find in our online catalogue that will take you on a journey to Ancient Rome. You will find a wide variety of Roman dresses or Greek costumes if you prefer the classic Caesar era and the gods of Olimpo. Roman costumes are perfect to organise a themed party set in the Roman bacchanals or for the next Carnival. At Funidelia we have costumes from so many different cultures, you won't know which era to choose when it's time to get dressed up. Let's go back to Rome when it had emperors and senators. What ideas come to mind? We are sure you will love a Caesar costume to be able to run the Roman circus arena games. If you are Caesar... your friends will be able to put on gladiator costumes and fight for the glory of your empire. What do you think about soldiers' and centurions' wives? You will look great with your Roman costume, your headdress and your toga. Finish your Roman costume with the necessary accessories: Caesar's laurel crown, a gladiator sword and shield, a Roman soldier's armour and helmet... Wow, we've just created the ideal little space for a costume party with all of your friends or family. A great selection of costumes so that adults and kids can get dressed up for the Carnival. With your Roman costume you'll look so X!
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