Game of Thrones Costumes: Khaleesi, Daenerys, Jon Snow & White Walker Fancy Dress

We have the best Seven Kingdoms and Westeros costumes lined up for you! Explore incredible Game of Thrones (GoT) costumes for the next Carnival, Halloween, costume party or themed party. In this section, youโ€™ll find a Khaleesi costume, a Melisandre costume, a Jon Snow costume and even a White Walker costume. Funidelia has the Game of Thrones costume youโ€™re looking for. If youโ€™re considering a Daenerys Targaryen costume, browse our Dothraki Khaleesi costume featuring a warrior-style brown leather dress, Daenerysโ€™ Breaker of Chains blue dress, or even the off-white Mother of Dragons costume Daenerys wore when she carried Drogon on her shoulder. But, whatever Daenerys costume you choose, do not forget your platinum blonde wig! If youโ€™re think about a Jon Snow costume, practice a cold and serious expression, but have fun shopping for a black fur-trimmed cape (like the ones Watchers on the Wall wore), black leather trousers and a black shirt or tunic. Jon Snow's costume is the tough guy suit he needs to keep him warm, because "Winter is coming.โ€ But, wait, there are many more Game of Thrones masks and costumes! Shop for Melisandreโ€™s red dress, medieval queen dresses like the ones Cersei Lannister wears, warrior girl costumes like Aryaโ€™s, Robb Starkโ€™s king costumes and even authentic White Walker costumes, perfect for a scary Halloween or Carnival party. So donโ€™t overthink itโ€ฆconquer the Iron Throne with these costumes for women and men!
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