Fantastic Beasts Merchandise For Harry Potter Fans

If you've always loved exotic animals, if you know the names Albus and Grindelwald well, if you believe that anybody with muggle parents has the right to become wizards... Then you're in the right place- the Fantastic Beasts merchandise section of Funidelia. Here you’ll find everything from the new films coming out of the magical universe of J.K. Rowling - the Fantastic Beasts saga. Where the protagonists have to stop Grindelwald, one of the most feared and powerful wizards of all time. If you know what a Niffler is, and know who the “nomajs” are, if your suitcase is also strangely large... We’re sure you’re going to love all of this Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter merchandise. Great gifts for fans of Fantastic Beasts: mugs, t-shirts, robes, plush toys, Newt Scamander’s Hufflepuff scarf, bags and keychains, suitcase tags, Funko dolls of all the main characters, and collectable figures of all the extraordinary animals that Newt Scamander studies. We’ve even got cufflinks for your shirts! Get your official Fantastic Beasts merchandise now, it’s MACUSA approved!
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