Harry Potter Collectable Figures

Calling all Potterheads! We’ve prepared a fantastic selection of Harry Potter figures for you to decorate your room with, like only a real wizard would. These Harry Potter figures represent the most amazing characters, creatures and objects from J.K. Rowling’s magical universe. We’ve got figures of Dobby, Hedwig and Fawkes (Dumbledore’s phoenix). As well as figures of the Gringotts goblins, dementors, and other feared creatures, like Nagini (Voldemort’s snake), the Basilisk, and the Hungarian Horntail dragon who made things so hard for Harry during the Triwizard Tournament. Plus, we’ve also added figures from Fantastic Beasts, the new films in the Harry Potter saga. We’ve brought together some of the animals like the Demiguise, Pickett, the Bowtruckle, Niffler, the baby Nifflers, and the Occamy. We’ve even got a display case with the golden snitch inside! If you want to add to your collection, we’re sure you’re going to love the Harry Potter replicas here at Funidelia. We’ve got wands, signs, artefact boxes... Take a look at our Harry Potter merchandise section and discover all the products you can take home from this magical universe.

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