Pikachu and Pokémon Beanies

If winter has arrived, these Pokémon beanies are your best weapon against the cold - so your ideas won’t freeze and you’ll be the coolest person on the street. Not even Articuno could freeze your head if you’ve got one of the many beanies you can find here at Funidelia. Looking like Ash’s best friend is easy, you’ve got two different kinds of Pikachu beanies to choose from, each totally unique, which you can adapt to suit your tastes. And if you can’t get the rest of the pokédex out of your head, you’ll have to stop your journey for a while and take a rest here at Funidelia, because it’s not going to be easy to decide! Here is where Bulbasaur and Squirtle can come together again! And what could be better to warn off the cold than a Charmander or a magnificent Charizard? We’ve got beanies with or without pompoms or tassels, suitable for men, women and kids. They're the essential accessory for anyone who loves Pokémon merchandise and videogame beanies. All with completely original designs, of course, otherwise we’d never be able to see Meowth without his dangerous companions, Team Rocket. You’ve got loads of colours to choose from, whether you're choosing for yourself or as a gift. We’ve also got a pokéball design available, the ultimate symbol of this videogame saga.


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