Pokémon t-shirts for Kids and Adults

Are you a gamer who loves all things Pokémon? Have you played the famous videogames and captured even the most difficult to find Pokémon? Then you’re going to love our Pokémon t-shirts. From the famous Pikachu to the supposedly bad-tempered Bulbasaur, from Ash to the leaders of Team Rocket. Everyone in the world of Pokémon wants to see you with a Pokémon t-shirt, so you can show how being a Pokémon Master is in your blood. Here at Funidelia we’ve got t-shirts with Pokémon like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. There are yellow t-shirts with Pikachu on, Pokéball t-shirts, and Pokémon trainer t-shirts that you can wear when you win medals at the Pokémon gyms. Find t-shirts in different designs, colours and sizes for both kids and adults. With straps or sleeves. Don’t be lazy, don’t take a nap like a Snorlax, or get confused like a Psyduck... Get the elusive Mewtwo with just one click! As well as t-shirts we’ve also got a wide variety of Pokémon merchandise, like backpacks, caps and even purses and ties. And don’t forget to take a look at our catalogue of Pokémon clothes! Not sure which Pokémon t-shirt to choose? No need to decide... Get them all! At Funidelia you can find t-shirts perfect for fans of every videogame. Not sure which to choose? No need to choose... Get them all!

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