Wonder Woman Funko Pop

You’ve seen her fly, defend the weak, and fight with her sword and shield... You know her from the comics, and you fell in love with her in the cinema. You’ve seen her in almost every way possible, but probably not on your shelves... But that’s about to change! You’re going to love these Wonder Woman Funko Pop. You’ll find all kinds of different Wonder Woman Funkos - from the classic outfit based on the first comics, to Funkos inspired by the latest film releases. Always with her tiara, her red and gold armour, her blue skirt or trousers and brandishing her sword or Lasso of Truth. But it’s not just Wonder Woman, we’ve also got other characters from the comics and films: Hippolyta, Diana Prince, Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, and even Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. If you’re really passionate about the world of superheroes, create a “crossover "in your own home with a complete collection of superhero Funko Pops (DC Comics or Marvel). Find them all here at Funidelia! These Wonder Woman Pops are perfect for your collection, or to give as a gift to any superhero fan. And if you want to add to your gift, take a look at our Wonder Woman merchandise catalogue. You’ll love it!

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