Hats, Caps and Berets for a Fun Costume

Some costumes just wouldn’t look right without a hat. Can you imagine Mario without his red cap or a police officer without his distinctive hat? At Funidelia, we’ve prepared the best selection of costume hats, caps and berets that will complete your look for the next Carnival, Halloween party or celebration. Explore the wide range of hats we offer in our catalog so you dress up as a member of the military, one of the Smurfs, a chef, a medieval warrior, a Chinese character, Santa Claus and his elves, or any other character you can think of. You’ll also find plenty of fun options, like SWAT caps and pilot hats or a reindeer hat with horns. Don’t let your costume look like it’s missing something! You can even get a fun costume hat and let it be your costume: it’ll be the center of attention.

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The best way to top off your costume is with these hats, caps and berets

Hats are the indispensable accessory every costume needs…they may even make your character recognizable! In our hats section you’ll find sets that come with a matching accessory: a baby hat and bib, a frog hat and green gloves and the Legend of Zelda hats with pointy ears. Berets can also add a finishing touch to your costume. We have everything from classic or Scottish berets to berets with sequins. Or, if you’d prefer, you can wear a fun beer-shaped hat, or frighten everyone with a blood-stained zombie brain hat or a hat with an embedded ax.