Birthday Candles

There are many essential parts to a birthday, and one of them is birthday candles. That special moment when you make a wish and blow out some special candles with your age on while people sing happy birthday simply can’t be beaten! At Funidelia we’ve prepared a collection of birthday candles with a special touch - unique and fun candles featuring your little one’s favourite characters. There are loads of options: yellow and blue Minions candles, golden star shaped candles, princess happy birthday candles or Harry Potter candles featuring the crests of every Hogwarts house. And we also wanted to bring you some very special candles. We’re talking large candles that you can buy individually, instead of going for number shaped candles, or using the same amount of candles as the age of the birthday girl or boy. The best thing is that they’re super unique and will delight fans of Frozen, Spiderman, Disney Princesses or the Pirates of Never Land.   If you want a magical birthday, choose one of our magical packs of multi-coloured candles that won’t go out when you blow them. Create a funny and magical moment that will surprise all the guests!
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