African costumes for kids and adults

If you are looking for a theme for your Carnival costume or for the next costume party, stop! African costumes are perfect. Tribal or colourful, from African animals to lions from the Serengeti... You can recreate the African Savanna in your very own living room for the next Carnival, you only need an African costume for adults or kids and some "animal print" decorations for you to feel like you are on Safari. If you like zebras, giraffes or leopards, maybe one of these masks and animal costumes are what you are looking for. If you love joking around, go out onto the balcony dressed up as an African tribal cannibal, grab hold of and shake a chicken drumstick, while you throatily shout "uka shaka" and make your neighbours think that you are eating the postman. Slightly scary! Get all your family and friends together and form a group costume from all the different regions of the world. If your little ones are not fans of African costumes, don't worry because we have many costumes for kids that we are sure they will love.
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