Arabian Costumes

If you’re a fan of everything Arabian, or you dream of being a powerful Arab sheikh with millions in the bank, now you can become one with this Arabian costume - add a touch of excitement to your next costume party. You could choose a classic costume, with an impressive white tunic and headscarf, normally in red and black, although there are plenty of styles to choose from. Or you could become an Arabian princess, with a gorgeous jacket and typical Arabian turban. If you love to wage war with your friends, you might like one of our Prince of Persia style costumes. We’ve got a huge variety of Arabian costumes, you could also dress up as famous characters like Sinbad the Sailor, or one of the famous Disney couples, like Jasmine and Aladdin. Of course, you can’t forget your magic lamp! Make your three wishes and everyone will want to be your friend! Add an Arabian style beard to your costume, like a thick goatee, and some big sunglasses. You’ll look like a great Arab sheikh with the power and money to turn any party into the best party ever. Any of our Arabian costumes would be perfect for a theme party, or for carnival. If you want to add a touch of terror to your Halloween costume, we’d recommend adding a bit of fake blood to your tunic, a fake wound and a little “undead” attitude in order to become a scary zombie sheikh.
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