Minnie Mouse costumes

Disney has presented us with a multitude of characters throughout the ages. One of the most emblematic, and the first to arise, is the iconic mouse partner: Minnie Mouse. Now with these Minnie Mouse costumes for girls that we have in our online catalogue, you can turn into the most famous little mouse. You only need to put on a headband with ears, a red dress with white polka dots, a matching bow tie in your hair... and you will be ready with your Minnie costume that's available for adults and kids. This little mouse's universe is so big that you will find a wide variety of costumes for girls and women and accessories that have been made famous by Minnie. Although red is the main colour in the majority of Minnie costumes, you will also find pink Minnie suits. If you are searching for a couples look, we have Mickey Mouse costumes for the next Carnival so that you can have a great time. The best Disney costumes! We also have Minnie accessories available for you, like ears and mice tails, that together with Minnie birthday decorations, will make your themed party unforgettable. Enjoy this classic that will never go out of style.

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