Sumo costumes

The legendary sumo wrestlers have arrived at our online shop, so you can learn everything there is to know about this style of fighting. With these sumo costumes you can turn up at any costume party and surprise all your friends. Sumo is an art and practically a religion in Japan, with a long tradition behind it. It’s a style of fighting in which two fighters, called rikishi, fight inside a small circle. The objective is to push your rival outside the circle and onto the floor. They are only dressed in shorts, called mawashi, with nothing else on. In our varied collection you’ll find huge sumo costumes, so you can look just like the enormous fighters in this Japanese sport. There are super muscular fighters with abs, biceps, and every other muscle you can imagine. There are also fun inflatable costumes for adults and kids, which look like a sumo wrestler is carrying you on their shoulders, or in their arms. Everyone will die laughing! Get ready to fight at your next party with these sumo costumes, you’ll look just like one of these strong and enormous fighters that are so highly regarded in their country. So fight to have a good time and wear the best costume of the whole party!
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