Superhero costumes for women: superheroine and villain fancy dress costumes for women

What kind of character do you want to dress up as this Carnival? Superheroine or villianess? Choose from amongst the many superhero costumes for women that we have at Funidelia. We're not going to fire up the eternal debate of whether DC Comics or Marvel is better. What is important is your desire to do bad or to defend the innocent. What about wearing a Harley Quinn costume with your partner dressed up as the Joker to the next costume party? Or maybe you would prefer to go in a Wonder Woman costume, with a shield and your messy hair flapping in the wind. Or if you have always felt like a rebellious cat... maybe you would prefer Catwoman's leather suit. If you and your friends are looking to add a different touch to your superhero costumes, you could add colourful tutus to wear on top of some tights and make up your own interpretation of a superhero costume for women. You will look amazing! Although these aren't the only women's costumes that we have at Funidelia... superhero costumes are the most fun to show off. Super girl power!!
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