Gangster Hats

We’ve put on our fedoras and gangster caps and felt like one of the most dangerous gangsters in Chicago. It’s like Al Capone himself has arrived at our online shop to bring us the best gangster hats, and we’ve put them at your disposal so you can join our gang. Here at Funidelia we’ve got all different kinds of Mafia hats, perfect for completing your costume - because what is a gangster without his hat? White, black, with a band, without a band, we’ve got everything. Inspired by the best gangster hats of the 1920s. Fedoras, caps, and a huge catalogue so you can turn into Vito Corleone himself. Become a true “Mafia boss” and impose your orders at any costume party - no one will mess with you! Even Eliot Ness and his "Untouchables" would hunt you down if they saw you wearing one of these fedoras or gangster hats! Combine your gangster hat with a black or grey pinstriped suit, a white shirt and black tie, or go for the opposite - a white suit and black shirt. Everything is possible when you’re a mobster. Are you ready to be the most intimidating person at the party? With one of our gangster hats you will be. Use it to take advantage and collect those drinks your friends owe you, surely they won’t dare to refuse!
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