Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday from Funidelia, Happy Birthday to you!! Welcome to the world of birthdays, the happiest parties for all of us. Because there’s nothing better than a birthday, even if it sometimes gets hard to remember that as we get older. But if you’ve got kids you’ll know that for them this day is the most important and fun day of the year, and they’ll want to celebrate with all their friends. So... don’t forget to send out their birthday invitations! On this page you’ll find some incredible options, so you can choose the best birthday invitations for your little ones. Pick birthday invitations with their favourite characters from the films and series they like the most. We’ve got loads of invitation packs that you can personalize. From beloved superheroes like Spiderman, Batman and Superman, to cards with Elsa and the rest of the Frozen gang.  If they love iconic characters like Disney princesses, Minnie and Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty, you can find loads of different invitations. Or if they prefer series or films like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minions or Descendants... We’ve also got the perfect birthday invitations! If you’re not sure what to go for, opt for the more generic Happy Birthday cards, of pirates or cacti. It doesn’t matter which ones you pick, all of them are fun and surprising, so you’ll be delighted with them all. All you need to worry about is filling in the names of the guests and sending them, or handing them out to all their friends. We’re sure everyone will be blown away with these unique birthday and party invitations! Have a great day!
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