Is there anything more exciting than trying to find a container full of sweets and candy with your eyes closed and hitting it until they all fall out? Here at Funidelia, we don’t think so. We’ve prepared the best and most exciting selection of piñatas for every taste. You can’t forget a good piñata for a birthday, it’s sure to provide you with a fun time and will be full of yummy surprises to devour once it’s been broken. At Funidelia you can find all kinds of piñatas. If your kids are superhero fans, they can have their own Superman, Batman or Spiderman piñata. If they like princesses, or the colour pink, you can choose between LOL Surprise piñatas, Minnie Mouse, the castle from Frozen, or even all the princesses together!  And for the geekiest kids, we’ve got Harry Potter piñatas with the Hogwarts emblem or the Sorting Hat - so we can find out if we’re Gryffindor, Slytherin, or another of the magical houses from the famous school of magic.   You can also find animal piñatas, like unicorns, toucans or flamingos. Or we’ve got them in more unique styles: a flower, a slice of watermelon, a star, a cactus... Or a radio cassette that’ll take us back to our childhoods, when CDs didn’t even exist! Without a doubt, the vintage piñata par excellence.  There are piñatas for every taste with a multitude of shapes and colours to choose from. And, before you go... don’t forget to buy a few fun and colourful sticks to break open the piñata with!
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