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Are you a fan of Marvel superheroes? Would you save the world with The Avengers with no doubt? If so, you are in the perfect place, because Funidelia is the best Marvel store: all of your favourite superheroes merchandise lots of Marvel gift ideas for hardcore fans.

Discover this incredible Marvel merchandise and add gadgets to your collection or surprise a friend with some of the most original Marvel articles.

Get the Thor's Hammer or Thanos' "Infinity Gauntlet", expand your dressing room with endless Marvel t-shirts, have your coffee in a green Hulk cup, prepare the "back- to-school" with a Captain America's shield backpack and prepare your room's shelf to fill it with the funniest Funko Pop Marvel figures.

No missing superheros: from the entire group of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, to Deadpool or Captain Marvel, from the main characters from Marvel Runaways to those from the Marvel Contest of Champions game. And of course, the main villains like Thanos, Loki, Ultron or Magneto are not lacking either. The best selection of superheroes merchandise that you can take home!

And not only that, apart from finding the "perfect Marvel gift", at Funidelia you will discover unique geek merchandise ideas for yourself or for a gift!
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