Military, Soldier and Army Costumes

Be a part of the security force with your military costume, at least while the party lasts. Your friends won’t dare do anything bad. Or maybe they will? At Funidelia we offer a wide selection of soldier costumes so that you can get the perfect military look – no coups allowed. We also offer a wide variety of accessories for your army, soldier or military costume. Stand out with the right accessories for each member of the armed forces. Don’t miss out on these military, soldier or army costumes for men, women and children. Choose the costume for your favorite job and add the corresponding weapon, shield or cap. You’ll be the bravest warrior at the next Carnival!

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Military and soldier costumes for men, women and children.

A military costume can be fun and serious all at once. If you’d like to become a security force member, choose from a wide variety of soldier costumes that will help you accomplish your mission. Also check out our army costumes that will make your friends want to be law-abiding citizens. Complete your army, soldier or military costume with its corresponding weapon, cap and accessories for a polished and unique look. You’ll be ready to serve as a brave combatant with these costumes…but in a fun battle!