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It’s time to put any horrible clichés to rest and show that blondes do have more fun. Now you can turn yourself into any blonde in history, whether real or historical. And all thanks to this varied collection of carnival blonde wigs! Start thinking about some of the best... Release your full power and become any of the Dragon Ball Super warriors when they transform into a Super Saiyan, or turn into a fighter like Ken from Street Fighter or the powerful He-Man. You could also dress up like the beautiful Elsa from Frozen, the warrior Sailor Moon, the fun Smurfette, or some of the cute Disney princesses, like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Or if you love to impersonate famous people from music or cinema, remember there are many legendary blondes like the sexy Marilyn Monroe, or the multi-talented Tina Turner. At Funidelia you’ll find blonde wigs to help you become any of these famous people, and there are also wigs in other colours that you can use to accessorize any carnival or Halloween costume. Straight blonde wigs, long or short hair, elegant hairstyles, or crazy styles better suited to impersonate a rock legend. Think of your favourite blonde, or create your own look and personality to surprise your friends at your next party, and pick the blonde wig that suits them best. Blonde is in style and you won’t need to go to the hairdresser to get it.
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