Jack Sparrow costumes: Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress costumes

Do you like rum and do you love sailing the seas looking for treasure aboard your sailing boat "The Black Pearl"? Then these Jack Sparrow costumes were made for you. You could turn into your favourite character from the most famous pirate saga of the Seven Seas with these Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. We have various kinds of Jack Sparrow costumes for kids and adults so that you can choose the one that you like the most. You will just need to practice your drunken swagger and adorable jokes and you will be able to imitate the Black Pearl's captain to perfection. Add Jack Sparrow's trinkets and jewels to your bandana and remember to paint a black line underneath your eyes, to add depth to your stare. You can personalise your Pirates of the Caribbean costume as you wish: a hat, a bandana, a sword, a braided goatee... even a gun (without ammunition) to scare the Royal Guard and distract them so that they don't follow your footsteps when you go after the precious treasure. Arrr cabin boy! Discover the most original pirate costumes at Funidelia!

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