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The definitive Pac-Man costumes are here! You’ll be a hit at any party in these Pac-man and Pac-man ghost costumes. The 80’s were all about arcade videogames, and there is no better game than Pac-Man! These Pac-man costumes are sure to impress at the next costume party. Whether you used to spend the whole day playing Pac-Man or you’re a fan of 80’s TV series and movies, you’ll love our Pac-man costumes. Also, check out our other videogame costumes if you just can’t get enough!

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Find Pac-Man costumes and Pac-Man ghost costumes. Turn into one of the ghosts you so desperately ran from: Inky (blue), Blinky (red), Pinky (pink) or Clyde (orange) in these Pac-Man ghost costumes. Create a fun group costume with one Pac-Man and plenty of Pac-Man ghosts chasing after him! If you’re matured and just can’t sacrifice elegance, we have the exact thing for you. Check out our Pac-Man suit from Opposuits, and you’ll be the best-dressed character at the party. Order this complete suit that comes with a blazer, trousers and a tie and impress! If the 80’s runs through your veins, you’ll love the Pac-Man merchandise available in our website.