Politician Masks

Get the face of famous politicians with these politician masks! From Kennedy to Obama, Hillary to Margaret Thatcher... You can even get your own Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un costume, so you can become the most impertinent politician of all time! Prepare a speech and put on a politician mask, we’re sure your friends will vote for you! Or at least they’ll have a great time messing with you. These masks will get you noticed by everyone, just like the people themselves.  You could choose a Trump mask, a Kim Jong Un mask, or Putin mask. Great for wearing at carnival or Halloween, because so many people are afraid of them. Or if you want to travel back in time a bit more, why not go for a mask of the famous former president Kennedy, or the revolutionary Zapata?  You could opt for a latex politician mask, for a more realistic look. Surprise all your friends and turn your next party into Parliament, but without the boring speeches, with these politician masks. Feel the power of governing a country and imposing your own laws. Get your face on and go all out to get all the votes you can! Yes, you can do it!!

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