Scottish Costumes

Scottish fashion has arrived at Funidelia and is here to stay. The wide world of tartan and Scottish kilts will delight us all with their ease and fun. These Scottish costumes will transport us to Great Britain and it’s beautiful culture. In our online store you’ll find our traditional Scottish costume, with a white shirt, black waistcoat and tartan kilt, normally in red or blue. You can add some white tights, black shoes, and a black or checked beret, to match the skirt, that will make you feel like a real Scot.   But you can also choose between less traditional Scottish costumes, and go for something more unique and fun - there are loads to pick from. If you want to surprise everyone while still looking elegant, go for an OppoSuit with Scottish plaid in red or blue, whichever you prefer. These Scottish costumes make us think of the precious green landscape and mountains that represent the country, as well as the enormous and spectacular cliffs that surround the Scottish coast. And for the cinephiles out there, we know that Scotland equals Braveheart, one of the most acclaimed films in history starring the great Mel Gibson. So you can also dress up as a Scot in pure William Wallace style, along with his small army. Become the iconic character that fought for the freedom of his people in every battle. Whether you’re a man or a woman, your Scottish costume is waiting for you. And if you want to make your own costume, simply choose one of our Scottish kilts and be original with the rest of your outfit.
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